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Home Sleep Study near me

Sleep Study And HST

When you sleep, the throat and chest muscles relax to facilitate breathing. In sleep apnea, the throat muscles constrict which leads to a narrowed airway that interrupts both breathing and sleep. One way to improve sleep and breathing patterns is to opt for a home sleep study.

Sign And Symptoms Of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

A home sleep test may be prescribed to you if there are signs such as:

  • Snoring, snorting or gasping during sleep
  • Interrupted sleep
  • Daytime drowsiness
  • Obesity
  • Waking up with a dry mouth
  • Morning headache

If these clinical symptoms haunt your sleep as well, look for a sleep study near me today.

Critical Care Specialist

How Does Home Sleep Study Help?

It is very common for people to wake up unrested even after a good night’s sleep. They may wake up heavy-headed, lethargic, or with a parched throat. If you relate to these symptoms, you’re most likely to be living with obstructive sleep apnea. In such cases, a Google search for sleep study near me would connect you to Lung-N-Sleep. At our lung and sleep clinic, we offer home sleep tests to detect breathing patterns.

A home sleep study consists of a breathing monitor that tracks breathing rate, oxygen levels, and breathing effort. The test is prescribed by a sleep specialist and evaluates breathing patterns rather than sleep itself. It measures the pauses in breathing and the efforts required to breathe.

What To Expect In A Home Sleep Study?

The process that follows the search query for sleep study centers near me is simple. You’ll wear a probe over your finger that consists of a sensor to measure oxygen levels. To get started with a home sleep apnea test, our staff will then insert another mask with tubes that go inside the nostrils. Other sensors are placed on the abdomen and chest to measure their rise and fall as breathing occurs

home sleep apnea test

Why Should You Opt For A Home Sleep Test?

The process follows the search for a result-driven sleep study near me to get your sleep patterns treated. It is a small commitment that helps you in the longer run. A physician may also prescribe overnight sleep studies for further evaluation of neuromuscular disorders. The convenient test helps diagnose sleep apnea and the possibility of other sleep disorders as well.

Why Choose Us?

When you arrive at Lung-N-Sleep, you’d find yourself under the care of a qualified sleep therapist. Dr. Talib Raza with his immense knowledge, experience, and insight for recent developments – provides the unparalleled, personalized treatment.  At our Michigan medicine sleep clinic, we employ a combination of innovation, evaluation, and collaboration for our patient’s best interests.


How does a home sleep study work?

A home sleep apnea test includes wearing a small probe, consisting of a sensor on the finger to measure oxygen levels. The sleep apnea test at home also requires the person wear another mask, similar to an oxygen mask with tubes that are inserted in the nose and secured around the ears. Other sensors are placed on the abdomen and chest to measure the rise and fall as a person breathes.

How to pass a home sleep apnea test?

To make the most of a sleep apnea test at home, it is important to follow these tips:
1. Wear a full-sleeve shirt
2. Ensure the nails are clean and aren’t covered with nail paint or acrylic nails.
3. Secure the wires of pulse oximetry and nasal cannula with band-aids or tapes so they don’t pull off during sleep and cause discomfort.
4. Once the device goes dark, try and fall into a deep slumber.
5. After you wake up, let the device shut down autonomously. It takes around 30 minutes for it shut down to ensure that the tests are completed.

Where can I get a sleep study done near me?

It is not difficult to find a sleep apnea test at home in Michigan. Lung-N-Sleep offers home sleep apnea tests for those looking forward to sleeping better at night.

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